THEME 2019:

Can we improve humans by augmentation of some functions, a robot arm or modification of DNA? What does it mean to be human, and can the perception of being your authentic you, be augmented, and are you more authentic then? The possibilities to manipulate pictures and data, also raises questions, both in art and in science - what does authentic mean?

At the AHA! festival 2019 (12-14 nov)with the theme Augmented Authenticity, we wish to shed some light on these,and other related questions and perspective. The AHA!festival is bringingtogether artists, students, researchers and other, to curiously exploreand share thoughts on the theme.

Kan vi förbättra människan genom att förstärka vissa funktioner?En robotarm eller modifierat DNA, vad betyder det att vara människa?Kan upplevelsen av att vara ditt autentiska jag förstärkasoch är du då mer autentisk? Möjligheterna att manipulera bilder och data väcker också frågor,både inom konst och vetenskap.Vad betyder autencitet?

På AHA!-festivalen 2019 (12-14 nov)med temat Förstärkt Autencitet önskar vi sätta fokus på dessa och relaterade frågor och perspektiv.AHA!-festivalen för samman artister, studenter, forskare med flera, för att nyfiket utforska och dela tankar kring temat.


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Raderingspoesi- originalitet eller plagiat?

Lisa Schmidt


ACE - Kunskapstrappan

Tuesday 9:30-10:00

Vad är raderingspoesi? Kan man skriva poesi med tippex, tråd och saxar? Eller med måleri, digitala transformationer, uteslutningar och överstrykningar i befintliga böcker? I föreläsningen Originalitet eller Plagiat? Litterär recycling och dubbla signaturer presenterar Lisa Schmidt ett litterärt fält som lämnat pennan därhän för att istället arbeta med återbruk genom olika former av radering i befintliga texter. Utöver frågor kring hur denna poesiform kan läsas diskuterar Schmidt den dialogiska relation som uppstår mellan den raderande och den raderade texten och hon visar bland annat hur dikternas materiella aspekter – spåren av själva raderingen – kan läsas som just dialogiska element som riktar sig mot den text som återbrukats.

Raderingspoesi - originalitet eller plagiat?

Lisa Schmidt


ACE - Kunskapstrappan

Tuesday 10:00-11:30

I Workshopen "Litterär recycling och dubbla signaturer" får du prova på raderingspoesi med Lisa Schmidt. Raderingspoesi är ett litterärt fält som lämnat pennan därhän för att istället arbeta med återbruk genom olika former av radering i befintliga texter. med utgångspunkt i en vetenskaplig text utforskar vi hur raderingen kan ge nya uttryck. Material finns på plats; välkomna!

An Alphabet of Space

Maria Küchen och Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen



Tuesday 11:30-12:30

Last year's scientists across the globe succeded in making the first ever image of a black hole. The photo fascinated the world, but what does it really show and what is the next step? How will the next picture of space amaze the world? How can we best understand and explore the infinity of space and universe, and why would we? Is this a matter of actually travelling into space? Is our language comprehensive enough to express and explain the vastness? What are our limits, but also possibilities, when explaining the yet undiscovered unknowns of the universe?

Maria Küchen is an author and journalist, her latest book is ”Rymdens alfabet – en kulturhistorisk berättelse från A till Ö”. In this event she talks with Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen, professor at Chalmers who focuses on the birth of galaxies and their evolution. The talk is led by Annamaria Gabrielli, lecturer at Chalmers.

Maria Küchen is booked through Författarcentrum Väst.

Into the Unknown

Sara Rousta & Peter Christensson



Tuesday 12:30-13:15

Tombak & Guitar




ACE - Kunskapstrappan

Tuesday 12:30-13:30

The Solar Decathlon (SD) was launched in 2000 as a challenge to university teams to design, build & operate highly energy-efficient & solar-powered homes. Here the architects & engineers work together aiming for innovation & sustainability. Digitalization is adding to professional expertise that could help lead the way toward conscientious living & long-lasting responses to our homes, habitats & communities.

Welcome to the YOUTH VOICES at AHA FESTIVAL discussing the role of digitalisation and augmented reality, application of digital tools in the design process of sustainable urban habitats. We are going to present the SOLAR DECATHLON Initiative and the design competition held in the MATERIAL & DETAIL STUDIO related to the Would Wood Project and 3D printing in cellulose.

Please join us for the discussion!

Contact persons:
Jonas Lundberg - jonas.lundberg@chalmers.se
Jonas Runberger - jonas.runberger@chalmers.se

Tacit knowhow

Gustav Thane


ACE - Kunskapstrappan

Tuesday 13:30-14:00

A thing, handmade, arise as a result of physical activity. Often, you can see marks in a material processed by hand, and more or less deliberate choices of how to process the material. The artefact is a way into that persons embodied mind. Another way in goes through body language. People tend to adapt the body language of whomever they spend time with. The relationship between a master and an apprentice builds on this. Being in the activity, and beside someone who is, may be an alternative way into a person’s embodied mind.

Blacksmith simulator, Smedja, VR

Gustav Thane and Rise


ACE - Kunskapstrappan

Tuesday 14:00-17:00

Try out the ancient technology of forging metal by hand. Actual blacksmith masters will do the same thing, and after a brief meeting in VR, you will get to bring the knowledge out from the VR and use it on a piece of metal. This is an ongoing artproject by Gustav Thane and RISE interactive focusing on capturing and transferring tacit knowledge. We do not know if the skills of masters will be transferred into your body, but it might, and that would be awesome!

The Essence of Villa "Le Lac"

Patrick Moser


ACE - Kunskapstrappan

Tuesday 14:00-15:00

what is Augmented authenticity?
“Pure gold” is (or seems) better than just “gold”. We give qualities such as authenticity, value, rarity, etc. through speech. This is inherent to our humanity as speech defines us – and makes us a “thinking animal” to use Aristotle’s words.

The object Villa “Le Lac” VS the speech about Villa “Le Lac”
We tell, as storytellers, the story of the house and its inhabitants (father, mother, brother of Le Corbusier). Visitors find it interesting, they are hooked and want to know more. It’s this telling (the speech) that makes the Villa “more real” to visitors and generates an augmented authenticity in their experience of the visit and knowledge about the house and the architect.

Ancient tree

Louise Wanselius & Theatre Bluesband



Tuesday 16:30-18:00

-A concert about the art of being a soul-

To be a real person or not to be, is that the question?
Do I appear more human if I pretend to be someone else?
Who am I if I manipulate my relationships, my life, my music?
Is it the strength of being vulnerable that makes me more human?

Louise Wanselius - vocals, guitar, violin
Jonas Franke-Blom - cello, keyboard, vocals
Peter Wanselius - electric guitar, bass, vocals

Presentation av Ljudverket Efterklang

Åke Parmerud & Olle Niklasson



Tuesday 15:00-15:30

Åke Parmerud och Olle Niklasson presenterar Ljudverket Efterklang.

Efterklang skapades med anledning av rivningen av Gasklockan i Göteborgs hamn. Gasen sammanfattar inte bara framväxandet av Sveriges största industristad, den har också betytt mycket för göteborgarna – samtalet runt middagsbordet där maten lagats på en gasspis och varmvattnet till disken efteråt kom från en gasdriven varmvattenberedare – men det handlar också om att ett av Göteborgs klassiska landmärken nu försvinner. Ljudverket Efterklang använder material från alla dessa scener och spelas upp i åttakanalig surround i Gasklockans akustik, vars 28 sekunder långa efterklang har återskapats av Audiotechture genom en serie inspelningar inne i Gasklockan.

Harry Baker



Tuesday 15:30-16:30

A poetry workshop with World Poetry Slam Champion Harry Baker. Now a fully fledged maths graduate and full time poet/adventurer, His work has been shared on TED.com and viewed millions of times worldwide, as well as being translated into 21 different languages. He is working on a new collection of maths and poetry off the back of a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe based on turning 10,000 days old!

Reproducing the sound of a live musical performance

Berg & Granmo with Per Sjösten



Tuesday 19:15-20:15

Experience the process from live music to sound reproduction. Musical pieces will be performed by duo Granmo-Berg, and recorded by sound engineer Per Sjösten, and reproduced on a high-end HiFi audio system, during this seminar. Take part in the discussion on what is needed to reproduce a live music performance.


with Åke Linton



Tuesday 18:15-19:00

“Anders Hagberg creates a unique world of sound. From quiet wonder to expressive, explosive exuberance.”

Last year the innovative album TRUST was released, a record where Anders Hagberg takes his creative approach to the flutes to a new level with cinematic sounds, solitary melodies, and evocative grooves. It is timeless music that breaks new ground, which pays tribute to the ancient roots but which at the same time looks forward. It is jazz, folk music with a depth that cross genre boundaries. Improvisation and boundary-crossing collaborations are distinguishing features of his work and for TRUST the music was originally created in interaction with visual artforms such as dance, pictures, video, and sculpture. Together with the sound designer Åke Linton, he gives us a surround audio and visual experience.

Anders Hagberg – contrabass-, bass- and bassflutes, sopranosax, live electronics.

Åke Linton – livemix surround sound.


Wine and beer bar


Tuesday 18:00-22:00

Credit card only

Towards Language

Arve Henriksen, Jan Bang, Erik Honoré och Eivind Aarset



Tuesday 20:30-21:30

Arve Henriksen will perform a concert based on his critically acclaimed album «Towards Language» together with Eivind Aarset (guitars) and Jan Bang / Erik Honoré (electronics, live sampling).

Henriksen is joined by Jan Bang and Erik Honoré, two old friends who’ve appeared on some of his greatest albums (Chiaroscuro, Cartography, Places of Worship), as well as the ECM-affiliated jazz guitarist Eivind Aarset. Together they gin up brooding, minimalist chamber music in which the simplest melodies whisper of unfathomable depths of feeling.

Reproducing the sound of a live musical performance

Berg & Granmo with Björn Wiman



Wednesday 9:00-10:15

Experience and discuss the differences between live music, played by duo Granmo-Berg, and recordings of the same musical pieces, reproduces in different formats on a high-end HiFi audio system from Akkelis audio. Compare the live experience with CD, vinyl and high resolution recordings, and discuss with Björn Wiman from Akkelis and the musicians.

Creative hands and Created hands

Max Ortiz Catalan, Peter Axelsson och Peter Christensson



Wednesday 10:20-11:45

In a conversation between Max Ortiz Catalan, researcher at Chalmers, Peter Axelsson, hand surgeon at Sahlgrenska and Peter Christensson, sculptor and and lecturer at Chalmers we get to take part of research and thought concerning the hand’s importance for us as human beings in a digital age. The event starts off with Axelsson and Ortiz holding short lectures about their work and research of hands.

Peter Axelsson has many years of experience with repairing damaged hands and does research about joint prosthetics. He also reflects around the hand as a fascinating functional organ and its interplay with the brain.

Max Ortiz Catalan has developed a thought controlled arm prosthesis with a permanently implanted control system giving patients new possibilities in their careers and daily life. He has also developed a new treatment for phantom pains. In this short lecture he will talk about his research and about how new technology and augmented reality can help those suffering from phantom pains.


en text av Franz Kafka framförd av Staffan Nattsén från ENteater



Wednesday 11:50-12:30

Vad är en människa? I denna monolog, som liknar ett slags vittnesbörd, berättas om ett märkligt livsöde och om ett beslut om förvandling. Redogörelse är en fascinerande berättelse om frihet och ofrihet och om att anpassa sig för att överleva i en grym värld. "Det finns ett utmärkt talesätt: Man ska inte skilja sig från mängden, och det är vad jag eftersträvat, att inte skilja mig från mängden." (ur Redogörelse)

Texten är hämtad från Franz Kafkas novell En redogörelse inlämnad till en akademi (1917) i översättning av Hans Blomqvist och Erik Ågren (1995) i bearbetning av Staffan Nattsén.

Förvandlingar – om gränsen för mänskliga upplevelser

Jasmine Isdrake, Andrea Lundgren och Fredrik Höök



Wednesday 12:30-14:00

Var går gränsen för mänskliga upplevelser? Om den finns tycks den vara tänjbar både med hjälp av inre krafter och yttre, integrerad, teknik. Hur påverkar detta våra sinneserfarenheter och i slutändan vilka vi är? Dessa och andra frågor kring olika förvandlingsakter berörs i tre presentationer och ett samtal mellan deltagarna.

Jasmine Isdrake, prisbelönt speldesigner och cyborg, ger en överblick av sitt arbete på temat Embodied Empowerment, som belyser vikten av diversitet och inkludering i utvecklingen av teknologier, från forntida spelpjäser till nutida cyborg-gränssnitt.

Andrea Lundgren, litteraturkritiker och författare, läser sin nya essä ”Att bli träd”. Medan hennes novellsamling Nordisk fauna utforskar gränslandet mellan djur och människa, behandlar den här essän ett annat gränsland, nämligen trädblivande.

Andrea Lundgren är bokad via Författarcentrum Väst.

Fredrik Höök, professor i biofysik, presenterar de senaste vetenskapliga genombrotten inom genteknik, och hur dessa är på väg att förändra det biologiska gränssnittet mellan människan och den värld vi växelverkar med, och i.

Maskinen som författare och översättare

Marit Kapla, Ann-Sofie Axelsson, Aarne Ranta, UKON, Blue Fan



Wednesday 14:00-15:30

Ett samtal kring författarens röst, översättarens uppgift, textens autenticitet och maskinens möjligheter att överträffa människans kreativitet.
Det är inte speciellt länge sedan maskiner lärde sig producera, bearbeta och översätta text. Men blir det bra, ur ett konstnärligt perspektiv? Och kan maskinen avgöra kvalitet? Eller krävs det en mänsklig hjärna och mänskliga erfarenheter för detta? Och vad karaktäriserar egentligen en god översättning? Skulle en översättning kunna överträffa originalet? Varför talar man så gärna om sämre kopior, och aldrig om bättre kopior? Det talas idag ofta om vikten av det autentiska, att vi ska vara oss själva, hitta vår egen röst. Detta har gjort att det dokumentära till en lika omhuldad som ifrågasatt metod.
Dessa frågor och sannolikt många till kommer att ställas, undersökas och kanske besvaras i detta samtal mellan tidskriftsredaktören, kulturjournalisten och författaren Marit Kapla, översättaren och digitaliseringsforskaren Ann-Sofie Axelsson samt AI-forskaren Aarne Ranta. Samtalet leds av poeten, översättaren och psykoanalytikern Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson (UKON).

Syntpopgruppen Blue Fan kommer att ackompanjera föredraget med sina enkla melodier, outgrundliga elektroniska klanger och formlösa metaforer.

Autentisk in i döden?

Naturhistoriska Museet



Wednesday 14:00-14:45

Vid liv existerar djuren för sin egen skull, som en del av ett ekosystem och kanske en del av en flock eller en familj. När djuret dör kan det få ett värde till om det hamnar i samlingarna hos ett naturhistoriskt museum. Att bevara den biologiska mångfalden är en av de viktigaste uppgifter vi har. I samlingarna på Göteborgs naturhistoriska museum finns ungefär 10 miljoner föremål, de flesta zoologiskt material. Intendent Magnus Gelang och pedagog Ola Brusehed berättar om vad samlingarna kan användas till och vilken betydelse de spelar internationellt inom artbevarande, klimatforskning och pedagogik.

Anush Babajanyan, Cooper & Gorfer



Wednesday 15:45-17:15

The Armenian photographer and photo journalist Anush Babajanyan, seen on SVT "Till fots genom Kaukasus" will present her work and talk about photography and narratives.Anush will be joined after her presentation by photographers/ artists Cooper & Gorfer in a discussion.

The search of the lost patron - and the search for C.M.

Johan Ranch



Wednesday 17:15-17:45

Johan Ranch is an architect based in Gothenburg. In his work he focuses on the details and materials, and how they create a story of the space. He graduated from Chalmers School of Architecture in 2019 with his master thesis work The Search of the Lost Patron - And the Search for C.M. This thesis work is an investigation and search of the neglected and forgotten artist Charlotte Mannheimer (1866-1934). Through letters, archives, paintings and graves Johan Ranch creates space to resuscitate Mannheimer’s efforts as an artist and art patron.

Harry Baker



Wednesday 17:45-18:15

A performance by World Poetry Slam Champion Harry Baker, who published his debut anthology ‘The Sunshine Kid’ with Burning Eye in December 2014. The subsequent show of the same name was voted ‘Best Spoken Word show’ of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. Now a fully fledged maths graduate and full time poet/adventurer, His work has been shared on TED.com and viewed millions of times worldwide, as well as being translated into 21 different languages. He is working on a new collection of maths and poetry off the back of a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe based on turning 10,000 days old!

Once In A Blue Moon

Luciano Biondini and Klaus Falschlunger



Wednesday 18:30-19:30

The accordion as well as the sitar does not belong to the category of instruments that are frequently encountered in Jazz.Italian Accordionist Luciano Biondini and Klaus Falschlunger from Austria on the sitar are among those musicians who are endowed with open eyes and ears,always looking for a meeting of different music traditions and styles.In their new program, "Once In A Blue Moon" the two virtuosos, traveling through the vast galaxies of the western and eastern musical hemispheres -Music full of poetry, energy and fine humor.

Immaterial heritage in the virtual room

Virtual opening of “Alla kan innovera”
RISE Interactive et al.


Balkongen, volvofoajen

Thursday 9:00-17:00

An exhibition of the project "Alla kan innovera" (Everyone can innovate). The project is a collaboration between RISE, Borås museum and Utopia. Together they have explored possible scenarios in our history where innovation had an important roll in our development. The project has had to make use of severaldifferent domains to be produced, such as programming, game development,3D modelling, illustrations, animations and historical facts. selectedparts of the process are presented in connection with the Virtual Reality experiencehere at AHA!.

Immateriellt kulturarv i det virtuella rummet

Samtal kring “Alla kan innovera”
RISE Interactive m.fl



Thursday 10:00-10:40

Ett samtal med diskussion kring förstärkt äkthet i den virtuella verkligheten utifrån projektet ”Alla kan innovera”. Projektet är ett samarbete mellan Rise, Borås Museum och Utopia, Tillsammans har de utforskat möjliga scenarier i vår historia där innovationer har haft en betydande roll för vår utveckling.

Välkommen förbi och upplev immateriellt kulturarv i det virtuella rummet.Passa på att prata och ställa frågor till de som varit med och utvecklat upplevelsen.

HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr

- A True Story of Hollywood Glamour and Scientific Genius -



Thursday 9:00-10:30

Written and Performed by Heather Massie

Hedy Lamarr, glamorous siren of the silver screen, was more than the most beautiful woman in the world. She invented frequency hopping and spread spectrum technology that make the world of wireless communication tick. From Austria to Hollywood, WWII, torpedoes, ecstasy, and intrigue to the very cell phone in your pocket, she was there!

Cooper & Gorfer and Isabelle Doucet



Thursday 10:40-11:25

Artist talk with photographers/artists Cooper & Gorfer with a presentation of their work and a following seminar on gender, photography and norm criticism.

Room for reflection - perspective on equality

Linda Frejme and Michael Wide



Thursday 11:30-12:30

Det handlar om att mötas, kanske stötas, men framför allt utvecklas tillsammans. Under workshopen kommer vi resa nya väggar och forma nya ytor. Vi kommer utforska vad som krävs av en trygg plats som inkluderar snarare än exkluderar. Vi kommer utgå från den egna upplevelsen för att forma lösningen. Individen äger svaret.

Musik, medvetande, känslointryck och plastiska hjärnans möjligheter.

Samverkan - ”in concert” - mellan dirigent, solist, orkester och publik.

Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Johan Stern and Christian Blomstrand

Moderator - Pernilla Warberg



Thursday 13:00-14:30

Samtal om musik ett världsspråk av hög komplexitet och med stor påverkan på medvetande, känsla och samhörighet. Frågor som kan belysas är hur musik kan bli levande över många generationer, i olika kulturer och kan härledas till människans ursprung likaväl som till nuet. Samband mellan musik och rörelse är starkt liksom musikens möjlighet att öppna till människans inre och förlösa känslor. Musiken kan förena människor som de samhällsvarelser vi är. Hur kan en dirigent förmedla budskap och upplevelser till musiker och till åhörare? Hur kan musikern ha kommunikation med dirigent, med orkester, solister och med publik? Hur kan musikern i koncentrerat medvetande ta beslut, flera i sekunden, baserat på direkta känslointryck? Hur kan lyssnare uppfatta och hur kan en orkester med hög precision samverka (”in concert”). Vilken roll kan musiken spela i stark förändring mot ett digitalt samhälle. Hur kan musik och kultur i vid mening påverka människans hälsa.

The Acoustics of Musical Performance

Berg & Granmo with Jens Ahrens



Thursday 14:45-15:45

The acoustics of the environment in which a musical performance is taking place are an integral component of the performance. This is true for all sorts of genres: The acoustics of, say, a concert hall influence the interaction between the musicians and how the sound emitted by the musical instruments reaches the listener. Similarly, the room is part of the sound of a loudspeaker when recorded sound is being played. In this presentation, we will explain a selection of acoustical phenomena related to music performance spaces and musical instruments and how they influence the performance and the perception of it. The presentation is interleaved with live performances and demonstrations by Duo Granmo-Berg.


William Brooks & Stefan Östersjö



Thursday 16:00-17:00

A presentation in the form of a “multilogue” about William Brooks, Stefan Östersjö and Jez Well's album. An album of music written by brooks in the 80’s, filtered through Östersjö and Wells to sound like old recordings of different guitarists, a fictitious radio broadcast, and other fakery. The presentation is followed followed by a discussion on their project in relation to augmented authenticity.

Inner and Outer Spaces

A Reflective Seminar on acoustics and sound. Anders Hagberg och Åke Linton.



Thursday 17:15-18:15

Music is created in a space with acoustics, function and appearance. The music itself creates a space of sound and timbre. At the same time, the musician has an inner space of resonance and presence of mind as well as experiences and references. Thus, a musician's inner space is in constant dialogue with the outer space in the present musical moment.

What resonance will the outer spatial perspectives give to the musician's inner space in the creative musical moment, and how does it affect the music played.

Some of these thoughts are part of Hagberg´s artistic research at the Academy of Music & Drama. Hagberg collaborates with sound designer and recording engineer Åke Linton, who contributes with his perspective on spatiality in musical contexts. How you can work with the balance between the real acoustic space and the one digitally created.


Wine and beer bar


Thursday 18:00-22:00

Credit card only

Alternative History

Jacob Heringman, Ariel Abramovich, John Potter and Anna Maria Friman.



Thursday 20:30-21:30

The Alternative History project is inspired by the practice of renaissance musicians rearranging the acappella polyphony of their predecessors and contemporaries for voices and lutes. We also re-imagine the world of twentieth century English song as lute song, as it might have been had the early music movement started fifty years earlier. And we add to the lute song repertoire songs provided for us by living songwriters including Tony Banks (Genesis), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Sting and Gavin Bryars. The quartet is Jacob Heringman, Ariel Abramovich, John Potter and Anna Maria Friman.

Sound installation ”Efterklang”

Åke Parmerud och Olle Niklasson




Efterklang was created by reason of the demolition of Gasklockan (gasometer), in the harbour of Gothenburg. The gas not only summarises the emerging of Swedens largest industrial city, but it has also meant a lot to the Gothenburg people - the conversation around the dinner table where the food has been prepared on a gas stove and the warm water for doing the dishes after that came from a gas driven water heater - but it’s also about the disappearance of one of Gothenburgs classic landmarks. The audio work Efterklang use material from all these scenes and is played back in eight channel surround sound of Gaslockans acoustics. The 28 second long reverberation time has been recreated by Audiotechture, by a series of recordings inside Gasklockan.

To the moon

Matilda Lidberg and Linnea Larsson




In collaboration with Hasselbladsstiftelsen the AHA! Festival has invited Linnea Larsson and Matilda Lidberg to work with the landing on the moon in 1969.

Space poem - Linnea Larsson
Pictured moments in space in a series of 10 graphic sheets. The images can be read independent of each other and describe thoughts and reflections about life in outer space.

11 attempts at the moon - Matilda Lidberg
What does it mean to travel to the moon but never get to land? 11 consumed and abandoned moons and one video examines the relationship between the moon landing and ambition, dreams and the human body.

Joe Rowley




Joe Rowley is an artist and curator based in Göteborg (SE). He holds a BA in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University and completed his masters at Akademin Valand in 2018. His areas of interest include strategies within artist led organisations, manipulated narratives and the effect of monuments on society. Rowley has exhibited around Europe and was one of the co-founders of H U T T, an artist led gallery in Nottingham (UK) in 2014, which focused on giving opportunity to emerging artists. In 2016 he curated the UK Young Artists National Festival in Derby (UK), followed by taking a group fro that festival to exhibit at BJCEM, Mediterrania 18: Tirana & Durres (AL) in 2017. He also co-edits Ephemeral Care a very occasional publication considering ethics and best practice in artist led organisation.

Augmented Autoharp

Ásgeir Sigurjónsson



Invented in the late 19th century, the autoharp was basically a zither but with an added mechanism for playing chords by only pressing down one key and strumming all the strings. The mechanism mutes all strings not belonging to the selected chord so that only the relevant ones will produce sound. The result is a relatively compact instrument with a smooth learning curve that is easy to play.Exhibited at the AHA festival is the Augmented Autoharp. The muting mechanism has been replaced with computer controlled motors to allow for full automation.

Cyborg Box

Marcus Larsson, Victor Löfgren Norrman, Henrik Nilsson, Tommy Olsson, Joachim Pihlgren




What’s it like being a bat? Thomas Nagel created a thought experiment. We created a box. An exhibition by five cognitive scientists turned interaction designers.

This project turns participants into cyborgs by providing them with a new, technologically augmented sensory experience; while being stripped of their most dominant sensory modality: vision. Equipped with a helmet with built in ultrasonic sensors and vibration motors, you will try to find your way through a maze. The aim of this installation is to explore and introduce the notion of integrating artificial senses into the public understanding of perception, as well as comparing different means of perceiving the world.

Wave Lab

Simon Mare, Jens Hulteberg, Johannes Kjellberg, Mahmoud Mike Shirnazar, Sjoerd Hendriks och Sten Rõngelep.




Many already know that sound is vibrating air which in turn vibrates our eardrums, but few realize that vibrations are in fact almost everywhere. From quantum particles to the earth itself, the frequency at which things vibrate often influence how they are perceived by us humans.

Wave Lab lets the users take control of the vibrations of steel, water and air to make them aware that depending on what is vibrating, the same frequency of the wave can be experienced in very different ways.


Robin Edquist, Oscar Fredriksson, Johan Hansson, Elias Lind & Karl Ängermark




The installation invites visitors to discover a Hertzian space. Inspired by the Theremin instrument, the project set out to explore the interactive capabilities of electrical fields as input controllers. The dormant electrical attributes of the human hand are brought to light and inspire exploration of the boundaries between the conceptual and perceptual. Using this interaction as a metaphor the installation aims to teach about the Northern Lights by letting the user act out the phenomena as Solar Winds being emitted towards the Earth.

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Speakers / Performers

Aarne Ranta

Aarne Ranta är professor i datavetenskap på institutionen för data- och informationsteknik. Som student var han intresserad av både matematik och språk, och studerade dessa ämnen tills han fann en syntes i logik och språkfilosofi. Hans teoretiska grundforskning ledde snart till datorexperiment, som så småningom utvecklades till systemet Grammatical Framework (GF), som är en teknik för att identifiera gemensamma strukturer i världens språk och använda dem i automatisk språkanalys och översättning. GF har en community av flera hundra medlemmar runt om i världen, som har tillämpat tekniken till över 40 språk. Rantas intresse är dels teknikens nyttiggörande, som sker i ett flertal företag, dels att utforska gränserna för datorns förmåga att förstå naturligt språk.

Alternative History

The Alternative History project is inspired by the practice of renaissance musicians rearranging the acappella polyphony of their predecessors and contemporaries for voices and lutes. We also re-imagine the world of twentieth century English song as lute song, as it might have been had the early music movement started fifty years earlier. And we add to the lute song repertoire songs provided for us by living songwriters including Tony Banks (Genesis), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Sting and Gavin Bryars. The quartet is Jacob Heringman, Ariel Abramovich, John Potter and Anna Maria Friman.

Anders Hagberg

Critically acclaimed and innovative virtuoso Anders Hagberg is a unique soloist on a variety of flutes and soprano saxophone. His musical synthesis, combines the improvised freedom of jazz with an archaic Scandinavian lyricism and influences from his longtime collaborations with Oriental musicians.

He has been touring worldwide with his own groups and as a soloist with artists like New Jungle Orchestra, Yggdrasil, Marilyn Mazur, Vikku Vinayakram to name a few. He has composed music for films and dance performances and made many albums to his name, which have received Grammy nominations and prizes.

Anders is a Professor of Musical Performance, Improvisation at the University of Gothenburg, Academy of Music & Drama.

Andrea Lundgren

Andrea Lundgrens is a writer, essayist and a literary critic. Her first novel, I tunga vintrars mage, was published in 2010. Her third and latest book, the acclaimed short story collection Nordisk fauna, came out in 2018. It got nominated for serveral literary prizes and won Tidningens Vi:s litteraturpris and Samfundet de Nios vinterpris. Common themes in her work are myth, transformations and the borderland between animal and human.

Ann-Sofie Axelsson

Ann-Sofie Axelsson är prefekt på Institutionen för vetenskapens kommunikation och lärande på Chalmers samt chef för Chalmers bibliotek. Hon har tidigare varit chef för Avdelningen för teknik och samhälle på Chalmers, och verksam som forskare och lärare inom området teknikens ekonomi och organisation. I sin forskning har hon ägnat särskilt intresse för hur användningen av digitala tekniker skapar social förändring på individ-, organisations-, och samhällelig nivå. Hon har under åren bedrivit undervisning med nära koppling till sin forskning i kurser kring nya medier och social förändring, digitalisering och globalisering, ingenjörens roll i samhället och hållbar utveckling. Ann-Sofie är också verksam som översättare av skönlitteratur från isländska till svenska då hon har översatt verk av Kristín Ómarsdóttir.

Anna Maria Friman

For the last twenty years Anna Maria Friman from Gothenburg has been working as a freelance musician (voice and hardanger fiddle) in project based chamber music ensembles, soloist engagements ranging from small ensemble formations (such as Ensemble Serikon, Gavin Bryars Ensemble, Hille Perl´s Sirius Viols and Bang on a can All-Stars) to Symphony Orchestral works, as well as with her two regular groups Trio Mediaeval and Alternative History Quartet. In 2018 she started working in trio format with Catalina Vicens and Marco Ambrosini. Most of her ensemble engagements over the last ten years have included performers from different musical styles, crossing borders between folk, improvisation, contemporary, medieval and renaissance music. She has performed and given radio broadcasts throughout Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan, and since 2001 she has recorded for ECM Records. In 2010 Anna completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Music at the University of York, UK where she researched the modern performance of medieval music by women. For five years she taught singing and coached vocal ensembles at the University of York, and further through the years she has very much enjoyed giving vocal masterclasses and ensemble workshops at different academic institutions in Europe and USA, teaching at summer courses as well as coaching individual groups. In the Autumn of 2019 Anna teaches at the MA in Choral conducting programme at the HSM, Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

Annamaria Gabrielli

is a lecturer at the Division for Language and Communication at Chalmers, where she teaches technical writing and Maritime English. Her current research aims at improving cross-curricular teaching and learning methods.

Anush Babajanyan

Armenian photographer Anush Babajanyan is a member of the VII Photo Agency, focusing her work on social narratives related to women, issues of minorities, and the aftermath of the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh, among others.

In addition to working extensively in the Caucasus, she also continues to photograph in Turkey, the Middle East and West Africa.

Much of Anush Babajanyan’s recent activity has been dedicated to peace building processes between Armenia and Turkey. In 2016, she co-founded the #BridgingStories project that brought together young photographers from Turkey and Armenia, in an effort to bridge peace between the two nations.

Anush is currently hand-making her first book, The House of Culture, about the memory of Soviet Armenian culture houses.

Ariel Abramovich

Ariel Abramovich studied lute and vihuela with Hopkinson Smith at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and subsequenty in France with Eugène Ferré. In 1998 he formed "El Cortesano" with counter-tenor José Hernández-Pastor to explore the Spanish vihuela repertoire, and in 2002 the duo released the first ever album solely devoted to Valladolid vihuela composer Estevan Daça. In 2009 the duo released an album devoted to another rarely heard vihuelista, Salamanca-born Diego Pisador.

In 2008 he began working on the 16th & 17th century English lute song repertoire with tenor John Potter, and this duo became the catalyst for the Amores Pasados and Secret History recordings on ECM with Anna Maria Friman and Jacob Heringman. Their Alternative History project re-imagines renaissance polyphony as lute song (as musicians would have done in the 16th and 17th centuries) and has commissioned new music from rock musicians John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Tony Banks (Genesis) and Sting. Ariel and Jacob Heringman have also released Cifras Imagnarias, an album of intabulations for two lutes on Arcana.

In 2013 Ariel formed the duo Armonía Concertada with soprano Maria Cristina Kiehr, a project dedicated to the 16th Century Iberian repertoire for voice and plucked strings, and he has recently begun working with soprano Perrine Devillers on musical texts from the Italian Cinquecento.

Ariel is also active as a teacher and has given masterclasses at conservatories and educational institutions all over the world, including Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, the US, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Arve Henriksen

Arve Henriksen is a major representative of a golden generation of Norwegian jazz musicians. «Towards Language» is his ninth solo album (eight on Rune Grammofon and one on ECM), he has also released a dozen albums as a founder member of Supersilent and appears on well over a hundred records by artists like David Sylvian, Jon Balke, Trygve Seim, Imogen Heap, Arild Andersen and many more. With «Towards Language» trumpeter Arve Henriksen is back with his trusted long time musical partners Jan Bang and Erik Honoré. Arve first collaborated with the pair on the much loved and highly praised «Chiaroscuro» (2004), Arve´s second album, and later on «Cartography» (ECM 2008) and «Places Of Worship» (2013). Also an important part of the line-up is Eivind Aarset, the ECM associated guitarist extraordinaire.

Ásgeir Sigurjónsson

Ásgeir Sigurjónsson är arkitekt och koordinator hos Centrum för vårdens arkitektur. Ásgeir bygger också musikinstrument, gärna från hittade material.

Ásgeir Sigurjónsson is an architect and coordinator at Chalmers Centre for Healthcare architecture. He also builds musical instruments, often with found materials.


We are five students studying Interaction Design at Chalmers with different backgrounds in IT, Design and Mechatronics. We all share a common passion to create meaningful experiences and challenge conventional interactions. Our project was created in collaboration with Universeum to teach about invisible phenomena that occur around us.

Members: Robin Edquist, Oscar Fredriksson, Johan Hansson, Elias Lind & Karl Ängermark

Blue Fan

A simulacrum (possibly in Baudrillard's sense of the word) of late 20th century Central European synth pop, Blue Fan is sweeping onto the Gothenburg music scene like a fresh breeze of Foehn wind, with simple melodies, inscrutable electronic sounds and amorphous metaphors. Blue Fan is the product of the neural networks of Lisa, Magnus and Rolf, and has been exploring creativity within the generative constraints of electronic pop music since 2018. Manifestations of their work can be found on various online streaming services. Likt ett simulacrum (möjligen i ordets baudrillardska betydelse) av det sena 1900-talets centraleuropeiska synthpop sveper Blue Fan som en frisk föhnvind in över Göteborgs musikscen, med enkla melodier, outgrundliga elektroniska klanger och formlösa metaforer. Blue Fan är en produkt av Lisas, Magnus och Rolfs neurala nätverk och har sedan 2018 utforskat sin kreativitet inom den elektroniska popmusikens generativa begränsningar. Frukterna av deras arbete finns att åtnjuta online hos flera streamingtjänster.

Björn Wiman

Björn has always had a passion for music. He has work within the whole "foodchain" - from production, export sales, marketing, logistics, distribution to end user/customer satisfaction within HiFi for the last 25+ years. Currently he is part of team Akkelis Audio, a high-end HiFi shop in Gothenburg.

William Brooks

Christian Blomstrand

Christian Blomstrand, professor emeritus i neurologi vid Sahlgrenska Akademin, Göteborgs Universitet. Docent i neurobiologi 1971 och i neurologi 1974. Forskningen berörde föränderlighet i hjärnans celler och samspel efter skada och vid stimulering. 1979- 1989 klinikchef vid neurologiska kliniken och 1990-1994 chefläkare i Sahlgrenskas sjukhusledning. Från 1980 talet neurologisk forskning som fokuserades kring folksjukdomen stroke och akut behandling, men också att förstå möjligheter av hjärnans formbarhet (plasticitet) även i längre perspektiv. Senaste år aktiv i uppbyggnad av ett starkt strokenätverk i Västsverige och arbetande ordförande i StrokeInvest https://strokeinvest.se . Kulturens roll för människans hjärnhälsa är uppenbar. Musik har en framträdande roll.

Cooper & Gorfer

Cooper & Gorfer comprises the artists Sarah Cooper (US, 1974) and Nina Gorfer (Austria, 1979). Their work focuses on the female aspects of cultural identity. Based on the stories and lives of the women they meet and collaborated with, Cooper & Gorfer explore issues of memory, migration, dislocation, and the malleability of identity.

The artist duo are known for their distinct hybrid portraits. Their photo-based collages are anchored in an anthropological research of people, place and the genius loci. They reimagine the tradition of portraiture by visually examining and deconstructing the narrative of those they portray. Like art history’s Mannerists and Surrealists or literature’s Magical Realism, Cooper & Gorfer strain observable reality through a complex psychological filter of memories, moods and wounds.

Cooper & Gorfer began their collaboration in 2006. They live and work in Gothenburg.

Cyborg Box

Five Chalmers interaction design students with a background in cognitive science have found each other and a common desire for creating experiences where these fields overlap. Current project, Cyborg Box, was originally exhibited at Universeum as an installation intended to inspire and raise interest around augmented/altered perception.We are:Marcus Larsson | Victor Löfgren Norrman | Henrik Nilsson | Tommy Olsson | Joachim Pihlgren

Daniel Berg

Marimba principal, chamber musician, composer and teacher. Berg is lecturer in musical impersonation and teaches percussion, chamber music and ensemble, at academy of Music in Gothenburg, Örebro and Stockholm.

Eivind Aarset

Eivind Aarset is a guitarist with a unique musical vision that absorbs and reflects all manner of music while retaining an enviable individualism and high quality craftsmanship that can span from quiet intimacy to searing intensity. His debut as a bandleader on Jazzland Recordings was described by the New York Times as "One of the best post-Miles electric jazz albums," setting a high benchmark that Aarset has consistently met and exceeded, both in the studio and in live performance.

As one of Norway's most in-demand guitarists, Eivind Aarset has worked with Jon Hassell, David Sylvian, Bill Laswell, Jan Garbarek, Paolo Fresu, Marilyn Mazur, J.Peter Schwalm, Mike Manieri, Marc Ducret, Michel Benitas Ethics, Martux-M, Stefano Battaglia, Michele Rabbia, Talvin Singh, and Andy Sheppard. As part of the band, Ab & Zu, he created the unique guitar style and sound he would later develop further as part of saxophonist Bendik Hofseth's group. However, it was his involvement with Bugge Wesseltoft and the Oslo Jazz underground that crystallized the sound he was seeking: "What drew me to this music was the hypnotic grooves and musical freedom I found," says Eivind. "There's no established rules or tradition in what I am doing, you can make the rules up as you go along. Rhythm is the centre of the music, the landscape the soloist travels through. It's fresh territory and I have no idea where this scene will end up, but there's a lot of great sounds and new music being created which makes it such an exciting scene."

Erik Honoré

Erik Honoré (born 11 December 1966 in Kristiansand, Norway) is a Norwegian writer, musician, record producer and sound engineer. As a musician, he has collaborated with Jan Bang, David Sylvian, Brian Eno/Peter Schwalm, Jon Hassell, Nils Petter Molvær, Arve Henriksen, Sidsel Endresen, Unni Wilhelmsen, Eivind Aarset

Honoré is a graduate sound engineer and producer at the Norwegian Institute for Stage and Studio, a College in Oslo. He is a published novelist and has a long career as a musician, sound engineer and producer. Together with musician colleague Jan Bang he initiated the Punkt-festivalen in 2005, guest curated by Brian Eno in 2012. Honoré released the album Year of the Bullet (2012), a joint effort with vocalist and spouse Greta Aagre, and in 2014 released his first solo album Heliographs.

Fredrik Höök

Fredrik Höök, head of the Biological Physics Division at Chalmers, develops bioanalytical sensors, with special emphasis on their combination with cell-membrane mimics and use for characterization of biological nanoparticles such as viruses and exosomes for medical diagnostic and drug-discovery applications. He is active in outreach as vice head of utilization at the Physics Department and as teacher in Biological Physics and Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson prize in Physics by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), is a Wallenberg Scholar and is member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

Gustav Thane

Gustav Thane is a PhD candidate at HDK Gothenburg since 2018. He became a traditional blacksmith master in 2017 and has a MA in fine arts and craft from Steneby 2009. Master Thane has competed in, and won the Swedish championships in blacksmithing, the Granbergsdal blacksmith competition and the Visby blacksmith competition. For about ten years he’s been self-employed specializing in metal art for liturgical use. When not developing blacksmith simulators, Gustav Thanes research revolves around toolmaking, and how to understand bodily movements in relation to tools.

Harry Baker

World Poetry Slam Champion Harry Baker published his debut anthology ‘The Sunshine Kid’ with Burning Eye in December 2014. The subsequent show of the same name was voted ‘Best Spoken Word show’ of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. Now a fully fledged maths graduate and full time poet/adventurer, His work has been shared on TED.com and viewed millions of times worldwide, as well as being translated into 21 different languages. He is working on a new collection of maths and poetry off the back of a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe based on turning 10,000 days old!

Heather Massie

Heather Massie is a NYC Actor and Writer. Originally from Virginia, Ms. Massie has always been fascinated by the sciences, especially Astronomy. She studied Astrophysics at the University of Virginia, and Theatre Arts at The Virginia Tech School of the Arts, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

In an effort to join her love of science with her passion for theatre, Ms. Massie wrote and performs her solo show HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr.

Massie’s goal is to create a trilogy of shows celebrating women in science. Her second is to be Flying with Sally Ride: America’s First Woman in Space. In February 2019 she was the Resident Artist at the Áras Éanna Arts Centre on the island of Inisheer in the Aran Islands, Co. Galway, Ireland, for the research phase of this new work.

Isabelle Doucet

Jacob Heringman

For 32 years now, the American-born lutenist Jacob Heringman has made his home in England, where he has established himself as a leading soloist, song accompanist and chamber musician. As a soloist, Jacob has released several highly acclaimed CDs of renaissance lute repertoire. As an accompanist, Jacob has had the good fortune to work regularly with many fine singers, including Emma Kirkby, Barbara Bonney, Michael Chance, John Potter and Clare Wilkinson. Regular instrumental collaborators in recent years include Alternative History, Theatre of the Ayre, Ariel Abramovich, Adel Salameh, and The Dowland Project. Susanna Pell and Jacob appear as the duo Pellingmans' Saraband. Jacob also appears on many film soundtracks (including Harry Potter III, The Hobbit, and Robin Hood), and has recently become increasingly active in the area of improvised and crossover music, as well as transcription and arrangement. Jacob also teaches (and uses) the Alexander Technique. Since 2010, Jacob has been a no-fly musician, as a result of which he is getting to know the continental train system intimately.

Jan Bang

Jan Bang is a Norwegian musician and record producer, known from several albums and collaborations over many years with musicians like Sidsel Endresen, David Sylvian, Jon Hassell, Tigran Hamasyan, Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset, Arve Henriksen and Erik Honoré - the latter of which he co-founded the Punkt festival with in 2005.

He is one of Norway’s most accomplished and influential producers and the epithet electronic mastermind has stayed with him for a long time and with good reason. Bang is the kind of musical innovator and bridge-builder who consistently manages to balance progressive thinking with popular appeal. He is always looking for ways of moving music and people forward, and by creating new meeting places and musical intersections. Bang is a professor of electronic music at the University of Agder, Norway.

Jasmine Isdrake

CEO & Exec Creative Director, Playcentric Studios.

Creative director and experience designer in games, transmedia and festivals, as well as an award winning film director, cyborg artist and founder of a game art gallery and the game innovation lab Collaboratory.Jasmine has studied technology and game culture from early archaeological finds to future cyborg interfaces, worked in the art, design and game industries, does community work for diversity, inclusion, STEAM education, andlectures at global conferences and universities.

Jens Ahrens

Joe Rowley

Joe Rowley is an artist and curator based in Göteborg (SE). He holds a BA in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University and completed his masters at Akademin Valand in 2018. His areas of interest include strategies within artist led organisations, manipulated narratives and the effect of monuments on society. Rowley has exhibited around Europe and was one of the co-founders of H U T T, an artist led gallery in Nottingham (UK) in 2014, which focused on giving opportunity to emerging artists. In 2016 he curated the UK Young Artists National Festival in Derby (UK), followed by taking a group fro that festival to exhibit at BJCEM, Mediterrania 18: Tirana & Durres (AL) in 2017. He also co-edits Ephemeral Care a very occasional publication considering ethics and best practice in artist led organisation.

Johan Stern

Johan Stern har studerat vid Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm och på Juilliard School i New York. Han delar sin tid mellan jobbet som stämledare i Göteborgs Symfoniker, undervisning vid Högskolan för Scen & Musik vid Göteborgs Universitet samt Gageego! – den göteborgsbaserade ensemblen för ny musik. Dessutom framträder han gärna som solist och kammarmusiker. Som inbjuden gästlärare har han undervisat i bl a Venezuela och Chile och sedan några år tillbaka har han en egen masterclass på Capri varje sommar.

Johan Ranch

Johan Ranch is an architect based in Gothenburg. In his work he focuses on the details and materials, and how they create a story of the space. He graduated from Chalmers School of Architecture in 2019 with his master thesis work The Search of the Lost Patron - And the Search for C.M. This thesis work is an investigation and search of the neglected and forgotten artist Charlotte Mannheimer (1866-1934). Through letters, archives, paintings and graves Johan Ranch creates space to resuscitate Mannheimer’s efforts as an artist and art patron.

John Potter

John Potter's multifarious musical collaborators include lutenists Ariel Abramovich and Jacob Heringman, the Dowland Project with John Surman and Milos Valent, the composer Ambrose Field and the Conductus Ensemble with fellow tenors Christopher O'Gorman and Rogers Covey-Crump. A writer and scholar as well as a singer, he has published four books on singing and is a former British Library Edison Fellow. He is Reader Emeritus in Music at the University of York, having left the university in 2010 to focus on his portfolio of freelance projects. His non-performing activities have included publishing articles and research papers, examining doctoral theses in Europe and the UK and coaching ensembles in Europe and the USA.

John's eclectic performing experience has ranged from first performances of works by Berio, Stockhausen, James Dillon, Arvo Pärt, Gavin Bryars and Michael Finnissy to backing vocals for Manfred Mann, Mike Oldfield and The Who (among others). Red Byrd, the group he founded with bass Richard Wistreich, recorded music as diverse as Monteverdi (both straight and with electric guitars), Leonin (3 albums for Hyperion) and John Paul Jones (for Factory Records). He was a major contributor to the Hilliard Ensemble's Officium project (for which he has five gold discs), and subsequently developed many of the ideas in The Dowland Project's four albums for ECM. He also produced the first three ECM albums by the Scandinavian Trio Mediaeval.

Current projects include Alternative History, an ensemble with Anna Maria Friman, Ariel Abramovich and Jacob Heringman rooted in the 17th century performance of renaissance polyphony (as on the ECM Secret History album) but including new music for voices & lutes by Sting, Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, and early twentieth century composers (as featured on the ECM recording Amores Pasados). The Conductus ensemble has released three CDs on Hyperion and is exploring new 14th century repertoires, and John's programmes with lutenists Ariel Abramovich and Jacob Heringman focus on the farther shores of the renaissance and the jazz-like 17th century 'division' repertoire - from Ford to Ferrari.

Jukka-Pekka Saraste

Jukka-Pekka Saraste has established himself as one of the outstanding conductors of his generation, demonstrating remarkable musical depth and integrity. Born in Heinola, Finland, he began his career as a violinist before training as a conductor with Jorma Panula at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. An artist of exceptional versatility and breadth and renowned for his objective approach, he feels a special affinity with the sound and style of late Romantic music. At the end of the 2018/2019 season, he ended his tenure as Chief Conductor of the WDR Symphony Orchestra in Cologne, where he had served since 2010. Jukka-Pekka Saraste is a founding member of LEAD! The Orchestra Project, which aims to teach effective musical leadership and communication skills to aspiring young musicians within the context of orchestra playing, in workshops, concerts and masterclasses. Recent LEAD! activities include orchestra projects at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Aurora Festival in Stockholm and with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. Jukka-Pekka Saraste has received the Pro Finlandia Prize, the Sibelius Medal, and the Finnish State Prize for Music. He was awarded honorary doctorates from York University, Toronto and Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.

Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen

Kirsten Knudsen is a professor in astronomy at Chalmers. Her research is focused on galaxies, in particular she is studying the “childhood” of galaxies by looking 10-13 billion years back in time to the early Universe. For her research she uses the largest and newest telescopes, for example the Atacama Large Millimetre Array in Chile. Among her discoveries are copious amounts of cosmic dust in early universe galaxies, an unexpected discovery as the production of vast amounts of dust requires a lot of time. Since 2013 she is a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, and in 2014-2019 she was an elected member of the Young Academy of Sweden. In 2018 she was the first recipient of the Birger Karlssons science price, awarded by the KVVS in Gothenburg.

Klaus Falschlunger

Linda Frejme

Linda Frejme is an experienced project manager and change manager. She is often appreciated for her fearless, clear and caring approach. As a consultant Linda have had the opportunity to work with large implementations, complex organisations, public health care and global corporations. Today she acts as project manager for Chalmers against sexism. Read more about Chalmers against sexism here chalmers.se/safe.

Linnéa Larsson

Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt är fil.dr. i litteraturvetenskap och disputerade hösten 2018 på avhandlingen Radera. Tippex, tusch, tråd och andra poetiska tekniker(Glänta produktion) vid Göteborgs universitet. Utöver litteraturvetenskap har hon studerat ämnen som estetik, konst och kreativt skrivande. Hon har tidigare varit verksam som förlagsredaktör samt förläggare och drev mellan åren 2007 och 2011 bokförlaget Bladstaden som framförallt uppmärksammades för sin barnboksproduktion. Hon ingick även i redaktionen för den litteraturvetenskapliga tidskriften TfLmellan åren 2016 och 2018. Som lärare har Schmidt bland annat undervisat i ämnen som Redaktionell praktik, Litteraturkritiskt skrivande, Bilderboksanalys, Litteraturvetenskap och Akademiskt skrivande. I egenskap av poet har hon givit ut två diktsamlingar, Kärrmunsblomma. Eller berättelsen om hur fadern försvinner i en symbolisk trädgård (2007) samt barnboken Plocka bumlingbaluns (2011). För närvarande deltar hon bland annat i arbetet med en ny världslitteraturhistoria där hon skriver om litteratur i skärningspunkten mellan litteratur och konst.

Luciano Biondini

Magnus Gelang

Magnus Gelang är intendent på Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum. Han är expert på fåglars evolution och släktskap. Dessutom ägnar sig Magnus också åt fladdermusforskning. Gärna sådan forskning som kan kopplas till människors liv och hälsa.

Maria Küchen

Maria Küchen är författare och kulturskribent bosatt i Lund. Hon frilansar för bland annat Sydsvenskan och Sveriges radio och har sedan poesidebuten 1989 gett ut ett trettiotal böcker – dikter, romaner, existentiella reflektioner och senast två uppmärksammande och lovprisade sakprosaböcker om flyg respektive rymdfart. Essäsamlingen "Att flyga" (Natur & Kultur 2016) följdes 2019 av "Rymdens alfabet" – en kulturhistorisk berättelse från A till Ö om bemannade rymdfärder, om satelliter och teleskop, om rymdstationer och hotet mot jorden från kometer och asteroider, om science fiction, rymdpop och mycket annat.

Marit Kapla

Journalisten Marit Kapla är född 1970, uppvuxen i Osebol och bosatt i Göteborg. Hon har varit konstnärlig ledare för Göteborgs filmfestival och är i dag en av två redaktörer för kulturtidskriften Ord&Bild. Osebol är hennes första bok.

Matilda Lidberg

Matilda Lidberg is a dance artist, anthropologist and architect student who’s practise moves in the cross section of these disciplines.

Lidberg got her dance degree from Movement and Performance Research, Finland, her BA in Social anthropology at the University of Göteborg and in June 2020 she will graduate from MPDSD at Chalmers.

She is presently in Rome as the laureate of the Anna Ahrenberg architectural grant. Here she is researching what relationship architects have had to the body throughout history and explores the spatial experience of a room and its historical layers. The relationship between body/space/time is also present in her other work as an artist; where they intersect, how they affect each other and the time we live in.

Max Ortiz Catalan

Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán, Ph.D., led the development the first biomechatronic arm directly connected to patient's bone, nerves, and muscles. This technology allows for safe, long-term stable, and intuitive close-loop control of prosthetic hands in daily life. In addition, he developed a novel treatment for phantom limb pain that has helped chronic sufferers for whom no other treatments were effective. Dr. Ortiz Catalán is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, where he founded the Biomechatronics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory (@ChalmersBNL). He works in close collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and serves as a Research Director of Integrum AB, both in Gothenburg, Sweden. Dr. Ortiz Catalán won the “Brian & Joyce Blatchford Award” by ISPO in 2017, the “SER Prize” by SER in 2017, the “Delsys Prize” by Delsys in 2016, and the “European Youth Award” by the European Council in 2014. His research includes bioelectric signals acquisition electronics (analog and digital); bioelectric signal processing and machine learning algorithms for decoding motor volition and control; neuromuscular interfaces; neurostimulation for sensory feedback; bone-anchored prostheses and osseointegration; and, virtual and augmented reality for neuromuscular rehabilitation and the treatment of phantom limb pain.

Michael Wide

Ola Brusehed

Ola Brusehed är pedagog på museet. Gymnasielärare inom biologi och kemi. Undervisar på museet alla åldrar från tidig förskola till gymnasium och högskola. Tycker att det bästa med att vara lärare på museet är tillgången till samlingarna.

Olle Niklasson

Olle Niklasson är Sveriges ledande musikteknikjournalist, utbildad vid Göteborgs Universitet och Musikhögskolan i Göteborg. Efter avslutad utbildning har Olle Niklasson arbetat som musiker, kompositör och producent parallellt med undervisning vid Musikhögskolan i Göteborg mellan åren 1976 och 1990. Olle Niklasson har medverkat på ett hundratal skivinspelningar med såväl svenska artister (Totta Näslund, Ulf Dageby, Annika Blennerhed) som utländska (Bill Wyman, Rolling Stones). Olle Niklasson har spelat på Stora Teatern och turnerat i Skandinavien, Nordeuropa och i USA med bland andra Ron Wood (Rolling Stones). Som kompositör har Olle Niklasson skrivit musik för radio, tv, teater (Göteborgs Stadsteater, Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern, Nationalteatern) samt balettmusik (Tango av Ulf Gadd).

Patrick Moser

Per Sjösten

Per Sjösten, works as a freelance recording engineer and producer in jazz, world music, orchestral, choir and organ. He made his first commercial recording in the beginning of the 80's and this occupation has been steadily growing since then.

Per has a PhD in Acoustics and teaches Electroacoustics at the master program on sound and vibration at Chalmers. The course has a special focus on the design of microphones, loudspeakers and control rooms. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and is currently charing the Swedish section.

Peter Axelsson

Peter Axelsson är specialist i ortopedi och handkirurgi. Han arbetar som sektionschef och överläkare på Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhusets Handkirurgiska klinik. Han är Medicine Doktor med forskning fokuserad främst på behandling av handledens skador och sjukdomar. Peter är också ordförande i Svensk Handkirurgisk Förening.

Peter Christensson

Peter Christensson: Project leader for the AHA!festival and sculpturer. Christensson is lecturer in Architecture and Engineering, at the department of archtecture and civil engineering.

Louise Wanselius & Theatre Bluesband

Louise Wanselius is a singer-songwriter from Gothenburg. She has toured in Sweden and abroad with her music since the early 2000s. Louise's music is rooted in the rhythms and tone of folk music. It has evolved into a personal musical expression with lyrics that touch the innermost essence of life. Theatre Bluesband is two musicians from Gothenburg with broad experience of both music and theatre. The result of this trio is an expressive music show where music, poetry and theater are mixed together and create new worlds.

RISE Interactive

Fredrik Trella - inbyggda system och Teknisk fysik.
Erik Einebrant - datavetenskap, spel och interaktionsdesign.
Gabriella Di Feola - kultur, estetik och media.
Maja Fjällbäck - UX, animation och illustration.

Amanda Kullberg och Lisa Grennberg -Design och produktutveckling, Chalmers

Not present at AHA!:
Frida Andersson med kunskap i digital humaniora från Borås museum och Lilian Paunovic Olsson, med bakgrund inom kultur och kunnig inom tillgänglighetsfrågor från kulturföreningen Utopia.

Alla Kan Innovera

Sara Rousta

Staffan Nattsén

Staffan Nattsén är skådespelare och regissör och har mångårig erfarenhet av teater för barn, ungdomar och vuxna, främst från Teater UNO i Göteborg och är nu verksam på ENteater. Staffan har, förutom Redogörelse också medverkat i andra uppsättningar utifrån Kafkas texter såsom Processen, Förvandlingen och Straffkolonien.

Tobias Granmo

Tobias Granmo: Violinist, chamber musician and teacher. Granmo teaches violin and chamber music and is responsible for chamber music, at Academy of Muci and Drama at Gothenburg University.


Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson, ibland kallad UKON, är poet och psykoanalytiker. Sedan debuten 1990 har han publicerat ett tjugotal böcker, senast den augustnominerade Glömskans bibliotek, en essä om demens, vansinne och litteratur (Norstedts 2016) och i år Röstautograferna (Norstedts), en poetisk essä om vad fenomenet röst innebär. I flera av sina diktsamlingar har UKON använt sig av konceptuella metoder och tekniska lösningar för att framställa poesi.

Jez Wells

Jez Wells is an audio designer and sound recordist. He is a senior lecturer in Sound Recording in the Department of Music, having previously worked in the Department of Electronic Engineering, at the University of York. Prior to moving to York from London in 2000 he worked for Digital Audio Research and Fairlight.

Wave Lab

Simon Mare, Jens Hulteberg, Johannes Kjellberg, Mahmoud Mike Shirnazar, Sjoerd Hendriks och Sten Rõngelep.

Students from Interaction Design på Chalmers. Varying backgrounds in IT, Industrial Design, Cognitive Science, Technical Design.

Åke Linton

Åke Linton has been working with sound both live and for recordings since the late 1970s. His CV is like a “Who´s who” over modern European jazz where his longtime collaboration with the famous trio EST is worth noting. Åke says: “40 years of having the fortune to work with music and to be part of the music more than just being the sound engineer.” His question and mission which he brings in to the Seminar is How do we make music more emotional with the help from sound.

Åke Parmerud

Åke Parmerud has successfully pursued a professional career in contemporary music and media art since the late 70’s. Although he originally trained as a photographer ( 1972-74 ) he went on to study music at university and subsequently the Göteborg Conservatory of Music. In addition to his electro-acoustic and instrumental music, his prolific list of works includes compositions covering a broad cross-section of modern experimental music in the fields of dance, film, interactive art, multi-media, theatre and video. The last ten years he has been working as an innovative sound and software designer for interactive audio/visual installations and performances. His own works “The Fire Inside”, “The Living Room” and “Lost Angel” have been shown in Berlin, Göteborg, Leon, Mexico City, Paris and Reykavik. He has also designed concerts and been artistic director for large audio/visual events both indoors and outdoors.

Stefan Östersjö

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2019 AHA! Festival organizers

Fredrik Höök - Physics
Göran Dahlberg - Glänta
Magnus Axelsson - Communication and Learning in Science
Anna Kaczorowska - Architecture and Civil Engineering

Web production: Sebastian Christensson


The AHA! festival explores encounters between art and science during a two-day event at the Chalmers University of Technology, supported by the Departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Physics, Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Industrial and Materials Science and Communication and Learning in Science, and Health Engineering Area of Advance.  It is an international festival intended to provide a stage for enlightening and surprising experiences, staging surprises, new thoughts and displaced perspectives that lead to alternative modes of thinking about exploring the world through art and science. We invite scientists (physicists, historians, astronomers, engineers), artists (dancers, musicians, painters, poets, acrobats) who reside in these borderlands and wish to share their vision and work.


The relation between science and art has become more complex, but is just as important to attend to. Their meeting is still that of theory and practice, but also something more: a meeting of causal connections and meaningful coherences, of given conditions and unsuspected possibilities, of the order of things and our own place within it.

Today, ”science” no longer refers to systematic knowledge, but rather to a highly professionalised, specialised and often technically advanced activity intended for the production of empirically secure facts. Similarly, ”art” is no longer a methodical ability, but rather a complex and autonomous activity comparable to science: the creation of images, sounds, and other forms of sensuous experience with a most immediate effect. Forms that grab hold, shake up, leave us at a loss. Experiences that make us question ourselves and the world around us.

By bringing together science and art, architecture has provided an ideal playing field for such a confrontation for the first two festival in 2014 and 2015. In 2014, October 21–23, the first festival investigated the theme ‘embodiment.’ In 2015, November 2-4 the festival explored numbers, an underlying element in our lives. In year 2016 the festival was a joint voyage between the Departments of Architecture and Department of Physics to explore the theme ‘uni-verse,’ the fabric of life. All festivals offer three days of seminars, workshops, conversations, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and mingles, through thought-provoking experiences, hands-on surprises, itinerant perspectives, and savoury ideas. The festival welcomes students and researchers from all universities, and the general public, to turn the searchlight onto the relation between two different– but equally important – human activities; ’Science and art.’

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The AHA! festivals main location is in the Volvo foyer (Volvofoajén) on the second floor of the student union building, at Chalmers Campus Johanneberg.

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Chalmers Conference Centre
Chalmersplatsen 1
412 58 , Göteborg, Sweden


Peter Christensson

Peter Christensson is project leader for the AHA!festival and sculpturer. Christensson is lecturer in Architecture and Engineering, at the department of archtecture and civil engineering.

Michael Eriksson

Michael Eriksson är koordinator vid enheten för Extern samverkan, forskning- och innovationsstöd, och har arbetat med AHA!festivalen sedan år 2016.

Sanna Dahlman

Sanna Dahlman är Produktdesigner MFA och är anställd som konstnärlig lärare på avdelningen för Design & Human Factors, IMS, Chalmers. Sanna undervisar på programmen Teknisk Design och Design och Produktutveckling.

Fredrik Höök

Fredrik Höök is a professor of nano and biophysics, researching and teaching in biological and medical physics. His special interest is sensors for use in diagnostics and drug development, but also how biological sensors give us our senses.

Joar Svanvik

Joar Svanvik, MD, PhD, a surgery professor em. in Sweden has served at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg, University Hospital in Linkoping and also at UCSF in SanFrancisco and in South Africa and is now active part time at the Transplantation Center, Gothenburg.


Contact the AHA! team at info@ahafestival.se
Courtesy of Chalmers University of Technology
Web production: Sebastian Christensson
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