October 31 - November 2 | 2016


For the third year, the AHA festival investigates the meeting between art and science in a three-day event at the Chalmers University of Technology hosted by the Department of Architecture and the Department of Physics. An international festival intended to provide enlightening experiences, staging surprises, new thoughts and displaced perspectives that lead to alternative modes of thinking about exploring the world through art and science. We invite scientists (physicists, historians, astronomers, engineers), artists (dancers, musicians, painters, poets, acrobats) who reside in these borderlands and wish to share their vision and work. The key intention is to celebrate both art and science as key knowledge building devices.

The first year’s theme ’Embodiment’ (2014) explored the body as our anchor in the world, followed by the 2015 theme on ’Numbers’, a delightful net we cast over the world. This year's theme is ’Uni-verse,’ again a natural consequence of our interest in the relation between art and science. The elemental force that drives science as well as art is curiosity. Come be curious with us!

Everyone is welcome and admission is free to the AHA Festival which takes place October 31, November 1 and 2on Chalmers University Johanneberg campus at Chalmersplatsen 1, second floor of the Kårhuset at the atrium level entrance of the RunAn conference hall.

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the universe plays the universe plays airport and air the universe plays Mozart and milky way the universe plays multiple sclerosis the universe plays Socrates and Euripides and Sappho the universe plays I am you and you are me the universe plays bluebottle fly and yarrow and Amanita virosa the universe plays highway and aluminum the universe plays polar bear and heavy metal the universe plays vanilla and mint and mutation the universe plays breast cancer and skimmed milk the universe plays big bang and beehive and consciousness the universe plays universe (Morten Søndergaard - 'The Universe Plays' - translated from Danish)


The Universe is all of time and space and its contents. In short where we are. And in a strange way it is also something that seems to be beyond us. That is the wonderful thing about the universe: We are in it and it is within us. We feel small compared to the infinite cosmos, but inside our bodies and our minds we contain other universes. We are a home to an infinity of universes. The small and innocent word universe tries to contain everything we want to express with it: The universe is scale and volume, it is depth and time, it is movement and sound. It is light and life. The universe is one and an unimaginable many at the same time. The meaning of the word flows in many directions and at the AHA-festival we will curiously follow some of them. The universe is the grand architecture and atmosphere we inhabit. The universe is our physics and circumstance. Our ideas about the universe have been many since the dawn of mankind and they will be reformulated many times in the future.

During the festival we have chosen to divide the word universe into three: uni and "-" and verse. Uni means that something is combined into a whole. Verse means that we are turned in a direction, the origin of the word tells us that it is the plow that turns at the end of the field. And the dash "-" is all the spaces and cracks where new discoveries can grow. Art and science unfolds in the gap between what we know and what we want to know. So it is just natural that this meeting takes place. The third AHA festival creates possibilities to share thoughts and experiences, it is a platform to let science and art meet. And hopefully it is a way to maybe understand a little bit more of what the universe contains. Or as physicist Stephen Hawking puts it ‘look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.’


Day 1: Curiosity

Monday | 2016-10-31

'Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice 'now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!'

(Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll)

Day 2: Atmosphere

Tuesday | 2016.11.01

Weather, architecture, sounds, stimuli: a vapour globe that contains all life. Our atmosphere.

Day 3: Reformulate

Wednesday | 2016.11.02

New matter flows along the river bed of the world. The world must be reformulated every night and every day.

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AHA! Photo Contest

I seek the question, to which the human life is the answer.

From Mästaren Ma by Willy Kyrklund

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The relation between science and art has become more complex, but is just as important to attend to. Their meeting is still that of theory and practice, but also something more: a meeting of causal connections and meaningful coherences, of given conditions and unsuspected possibilities, of the order of things and our own place within it.

Today, ”science” no longer refers to systematic knowledge, but rather to a highly professionalised, specialised and often technically advanced activity intended for the production of empirically secure facts. Similarly, ”art” is no longer a methodical ability, but rather a complex and autonomous activity comparable to science: the creation of images, sounds, and other forms of sensuous experience with a most immediate effect. Forms that grab hold, shake up, leave us at a loss. Experiences that make us question ourselves and the world around us.

By bringing together science and art, architecture has provided an ideal playing field for such a confrontation for the first two festival in 2014 and 2015. In 2014, October 21–23, the first festival investigated the theme ‘embodiment.’ In 2015, November 2-4 the festival explored numbers, an underlying element in our lives. This year 2016, it is with great honour that the festival is a joint voyage between the Departments of Architecture and Department of Physics to explore the theme ‘uni-verse,’ the fabric of life. All festivals offer three days of seminars, workshops, conversations, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and mingles, through thought-provoking experiences, hands-on surprises, itinerant perspectives, and savoury ideas. The festival welcomes students and researchers from all universities, and the general public, to turn the searchlight onto the relation between two different– but equally important – human activities; ’Science and art.’

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Morten Søndergaard (Poet-in-Residence)


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